"With a name like Empress, and given the caliber of music of the headlining act, I was expecting power metal of the epic symphonic variety, and I was not disappointed. So naturally, I had to snag a copy of their EP once their set was done. They told me it was less of an EP and more of a demo. I gotta say, if this is a demo, it's one of the higher quality demos I've heard."

-Lee Naylor, Caught In A Mosh: Lee's Rock & Metal Archive


"Liefhebbers, opgelet! Als je van compromisloze US power metal houdt met heerlijk gitaarwerk en prima zang, moet je de nieuwe Amerikaanse band Empress maar eens gaan beluisteren. De band heeft tot nu toe slechts drie nummers via de gebruikelijke media kanalen in omloop gebracht, maar die laten duidelijk blijken hoeveel talent en potentie deze band in huis heeft. Op basis van deze drie nummers ben ik er van overtuigd dat Empress de stap naar de eredivisie van de metal moeiteloos kan gaan maken.

"Enthusiasts, pay attention! If you like uncompromising US power metal with great guitar work and great vocals, you should listen to the new American band Empress. The band has so far only released three songs through the usual media channels, but they clearly show how much talent and potential this band has. Based on these three songs, I am convinced that Empress can make the step to the premier division of metal effortlessly."

-Sjak RoksLords of Metal

angry metal guy

Empress is the rare sort of symphonic metal act that refuses to sacrifice sharp riffs in its quest for bombastic soundscapes. Fans of Nightwish and Kamelot: Keep an eye on this band."

— Eldritch Elitist

Rawk Dawg Show

"Beware... The powerful vocals will take your soul on a magical journey. Feel the rage but be swept into their hypnotizing spell of beauty. Will you survive?"

— Doug Russ

Invisible Oranges

"A lot of progressive metal bands either forgot or never learned how to write a catchy song. Empress isn't like other prog metal bands; even before the breakdown chorus, "Black Arcana" will elicit old school power metal headbanging and makes a great introduction to a band to keep an eye on."

— Brian O'Neill