Visions Of Atlantis with The Spider Accomplice & Empress | Atlantic City
Anchor Rock Club

In addition to the 70K news, we have been waiting to officially announce that we will also be supporting Visions of Atlantis and The Spider Accomplice on February 24th at Anchor Rock Club in none other than Atlantic City, NJ!!! 🏴‍☠️

Do you have Visions of Atlantic City in your mind? 😉 We do!!!

First, we set sail with our pirate Symphonic Metal brothers in arms on a journey filled with adventure, rum and an actual ship on 70000 Tons of Metal! Then, upon returning to our (jersey) shores, we will meet again for one more titanic event, this time in Atlantic City!

Won’t you join us? Ticket and event links in the comments!

Please click here to purchase ticket