Despite their humble beginnings in a suburban basement in Philadelphia, Empress had always aimed for the stars.

Formed in 2018, Empress spawned between Vlad Khavin (ex Etheria, Infernal Opera) and Mark Stainthorpe (ex Percussor, Lesch-Nyhan) who set out to create something not often found in the Philadelphia music scene, with love for bands such as Symphony X, Kamelot and Epica, a heavy and orchestrated blend of power and progressive metal. Recruiting Joseph Muir (Seeds of Perdition) the trio began their quest for a vocalist eventually bringing Barbara Blackthorne into the fold once they heard her powerful voice. Nicholas Bonsanto (Lör) soon completed the lineup on bass.

Vlad's composition combined with Barbara's powerful, trained vocal abilities creates a unique world for listeners to inhabit utilizing various voice techniques, genre bending segues, and hard hitting riffs that pummel listeners to bow before Empress. Stay tuned for more single releases as we lead up to the release of our full-length debut album.



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Beyond The Sleep

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We are Empress, a Symphonic Power Metal band from Philadelphia, PA USA.
We are legion. Stand with us or stand aside.

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Black Arcana


Storm The Sorrow (EPICA Vocal Cover)

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