We have been considering the launch of our own Patreon for a little while now and we figured with the upcoming tour, what better time than now!? Announcing the all new Empress Patreon! Every membership helps to send the band down the road to make it to new cities, to create more music videos, and of course, new albums and all kinds of goodies!

We have been working hard as a band to make the best possible art we can and to take it anywhere that will have us. We want to do MORE for our amazing fans and continue to push the band far and wide. When you stand with us, we can accomplish more than we ever imagined!

Joining our Patreon comes with many awesome perks and an ever growing community that will evolve and continue to offer more over time. Empress has truly only just begun and we immensely appreciate all who have believed in us thus far, it is NEVER lost on us. Your faith and support have humbled us since the inception of the band.

We are grateful for our “Legion” 🖤🖤🖤

So please check out our Patreon and let us embark on this new and exciting chapter together!

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Lyric Video

The new music video from EMPRESS
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